Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I am the Avocado!!

Tonight was my last poetry workshop at Art from Ashes and I think I wrote my favorite poem tonight. I had to change the word avocado to I am/I can/I will and all the you/they to I/me so here's my poem that started out about an avocado and turned out to be about me.

I can cure all that ails me!
I can save us all!
Things from the earth are what is meant to fuel me.

But there is the pit! That darn pit.
Always a reason to fuel with something else.
And then! Dr. Oz reminds me!
I can save me!
I don't need medication!
Eat my vegetables and all will be right in the world.

But how do I have a party and only serve me?
Some people are offended!
Some people are allergic!
Some people are happy!

I can't please everyone or convince everyone that I can save my soul.
I will forgive my sins!

Peel away the top layer and get to the good stuff.