Thursday, August 28, 2008

i was stung by a wasp on monday and apparently he had bacteria on his stinger and he gave me cellulitis. three trips to the doc, three shots and two prescriptions and i still look like this:

i wrote a story about the wasp. my friend angie thought the moral of the story was that i got an STD. ha!

once upon a time there was a dirty little wasp named harvey. harvey liked to stick his stinger in places he shouldn't, taking little to no precautions to keep his stinger clean. one night harvey had too many bee-tinis and became agressive for no apparent reason beyond being drunk and stung an innocent girl, we'll call her lucy, who was just trying to peacefully co-habitat with harvey and his unruly friends.
unbeknownst to harvey, lucy had an extravaganZZa(R) to attend but due to harvey's behavior, lucy was going to have to cancel.
maybe if harvey had known about lucy's plans he would have been more kind
to her but who knows.
we all know what happens when you have a dirty stinger and too many

Friday, August 22, 2008

thrift/art gallery finds from hazen

all of this came from the cute little art gallery in my town except the two little painting which are from the arc. i'm most excited about the typewriter. i've wanted an old one forever and it was only $12 and it works.


the first one is a bday present for my friend brooke. (i hope she doesn't read this because her bday isn't until next week) it's reversible although in these two pics both sides sort of look the same. it's really really cute in person. i don't think these pics do it justice.
the second one i made for my friend angie. she loves gardening so we made her a garden apron.
thanks for the help roxy!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

pics from nodak

the first pic is of our dinner guests on saturday night. we made indian tacos in honor of angie's bday...and also because i love them! i'm going to have indian taco night soon. second pic is nate's new el camino, which is very pretty but isn't working so well and the last is of my dad's pride and joy, which is parked in front of my mom's pride and joy-her grain bin gazebo.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

crapload of family pics and pics from bday party

we've got the geurts clan in here as well as the andersons and the worst picture of geno ever. good times.
oh and my gma rocking my ridiculously high heeled shoes.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


my mom brought me lots of goodies when she came for my bday but these two are by far my favorite. the bird picture is from a local gift shop in our town and the hobo guy was painted by the local barber! he has since retired and she picked it up at an auction. it fits in my house so well!