Saturday, October 23, 2010

A day at Mile High Marketplace

Live painting at the flea market

Eric has his art on display at the new coffee shop at the newly revamped Mile High Marketplace and right next door is the new art gallery where he did a live painting. After 2 years of dating I had never seen him paint so I was glad to be his art wing-woman. Here's his painting coming to life.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Life Plan #149-hiccup

Yesterday at work I was informed that I will be reimbursed for Fall Semester but not to plan on it for Spring. This was a semi-major blow as part of the reason I took this job was due to the tuition reimbursement! They have no official procedure in place as of now and until they get one the whole shebang is on hold. Which, in a big picture way, I get. I really do but in a selfish me way it sucks!! Additionally, I had accepted loans for Fall and Spring but once I found out I would get reimbursed for Fall I unaccepted it...but looks like they took it upon themselves to unaccept my Spring loans too so this could get interesting.
Fundraiser anyone??

Monday, October 18, 2010

Hello's been a long time....

I haven't posted here since May! That's crazy! Life has been crazy since then though. Started life plan #149-quit cubicle job that made me miserable, started job as dispatcher and started taking classes at Metro. I'm half way through my second semester and am now just starting to think about doing something creative again. I had to quit taking pottery classes now that I work nights. So I'm thinking with the weather changing it's time to start knitting again! Eric's mom gave me this yarn and dye kit for Christmas last year...bout time I give it a try! I just can't decide what shape/size scarf to make. I may go for a cowl...which means I need new circular needles. That's manageable.