Tuesday, March 9, 2010

how to craft the perfect (army) man-part 5-the end??

i am overall pretty happy with how these lil' guys turned out. i think next time they'll get two coats of purple. i may still add a pink tutu onto him in a sort of "don't ask, don't tell" statement...although i may still consider them a test and start over to get the purple more even.


here are both finished pitchers! finally! the first one looks so tiny now compared to the ice tea size one.

Monday, March 8, 2010


today i (i really mean my mom) was able to refinance my car for a $130 a month lower payment, i called comcast and asked them if they could help me lower my internet monthly bill - they took off $18 a month and then i called at&t and got my cell phone bill down a whopping $8 a month.

this helps a lot but i'm still afraid it's just not quite enough!

the good news is that midge has an appointment with the vet on thursday for a psychological analysis! bring on the doggie prozac.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

janelle's cups, platter and make do pitcher

my mom requested some iced tea cups and a pitcher for her bff janelle's bday. i threw in a platter just for fun and now they are getting two pitchers because i had to cut the first one in half length-wise due to giant crack(which was my own dumb fault)! this one is definitely not big enough to hold iced tea but will be great for some flowers.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

how to craft the perfect (army) man-part 4

i decided to make tiles of the army men or i think someone suggested it to me actually. most likely not my idea because it was a good one! anyway here are the tiles during the glaze process-for some reason this step seemed to be by far the most annoying. tedious painting!
i can't wait to see what they look like when they are done. i hope they are super vibrant and obnoxious.

more tailpipe vases!

eric wanted a tailpipe vase to hold paintbrushes. well, he's getting two. i love the stripes and how the glazes bubbled up!
the bottom one is actually the smaller of the two even though it looks giant in that photo!

pretty picture!

my friend scooter dave had an art show at Plastic Chapel in January and i picked up this gem! he's a forest monster and i love him.

what have i done!

yesterday i did something that i think many people think i'm insane for. i quit my job of 6 years. that's my cubicle-where i have spent 40 hrs a week for nearly 6 years. the last year or so have been really miserable here (besides meeting my sweetie) and this year i finally decided i HAVE to do something about it. the job market is really not so hot these days (no surprise) so i decided i want to go back to school and get a bachelors degree. i only have an associates from the Art Institute of Colorado and it's pretty much worthless. one of my bff's Paula mentioned that her job is always hiring in the customer service department AND they have tuition reimbursement after a certain amount of time. so yesterday i interviewed, was offered the job and accepted.

the scary part of all of this is i'm cutting my income approximately in HALF.

the good parts are: i can walk/bike to work (cutting down on car costs), tuition reimbursement, flexible schedule, referal program, free healthcare!

the bad part is obviously how do i pay my mortgage!

so these next two weeks i'm going to try to refinance my car for lower payment (longer loan), cry to comcast about my internet bill and try to figure out how to reduce my cell phone payment from $70 a month!
i've already got my car insurance down $55 a month and cut my netflix from the $16.99 plan to the $8.99 plan.

so. i guess i'm off to a good start?