Monday, December 28, 2009

lilly's owie

my sad little amish dog

belly owie

why is this dog wearing a lampshade?


turtle vase and mom & dad's wedding pic!

tailpipe vase in use

platter i made for paula's bday

monster mouth ash tray-for nate for xmas

Sunday, December 13, 2009

there is a dog under these snowy leaves

tailpipe vase

there were originally three of these that were supposed to layer/stack together but this is the only one that survived. i jokingly called them tailpipe vases due to their shape but after glazing this one actually really looks like a tailpipe. now i just need to find a spot for it and get some flowers in it.

bird cage lamp

i found a lamp on anthropologie that i loved but it was $1600!! can you believe it. it inspired this 'bird cage' lamp which is actually made from an industrial size mixer beater. i'm so glad my mom and dad are handy and crafty and made this for me!

new rugs!