Friday, February 19, 2010

head gear

i've been thinking about hats a lot lately.

hats of the vintage variety mostly.


but here's the thing. it is weird to suddenly add hats to your daily wear. people will notice and wonder what's going on with you.

how do you introduce vintage hats to your wardrobe?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

how to craft the perfect (army) man-part 3

trial and error:


half cracked assembly job with likewise half cracked spatula and frying pan

not exactly the smoothest first run at him but we'll give him another go next week and hopefully his frying pan will look like a frying pan and not a tennis racket.

Tail pipe vases

here's my newest complete tail pipe vase:

and my works in progress!

eggs glorious eggs!

three of the women in my pottery class have chickens! i asked one to bring in a dozen for me and she did tonight. they are so pretty! she said that the eggs we buy at the grocery store are typically 10-11 months old. ick!